Frequently Asked Questions

What is iTaksi?

iTaksi is an application that aims to match drivers and passengers and makes it easy and safe to enjoy journeys with smart devices. Provided and backed by the Municipality of Istanbul, iTaksi allows passengers to find and enjoy a trip with the nearest taxi.

How does iTaksi work?

iTaksi is available both on App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android). After downloading iTaksi to your mobile phone, you can sign up by entering the authentification code which is sent to your phone. After that you can specify your journey details and hail your taxi. The iTaksi application will not require another SMS verification as long as you stay signed in.

Is iTaksi a paid application?

iTaksi is a free mobile application. You do not require to pay any extra fee on top of your trip fare. Only highway and bridge toll charges can be added to the trip fare if available.

Can I view the trip details?

You can easily view the details of your taxi driver (full name, license plate number, ratings from his previous trips), the taxi’s location on the map, the estimated arrival time and distance in iTaksi. Also, you can easily access the details of your previous trips through the “Trip History” section.

How safe is iTaksi?

iTaksi is a taxi service offered by the Municipality of Istanbul. Image recording without sound is done in all the taxis to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Does the iTaksi camera record sound?

The iTaksi camera only records images, it does not record sound.

What are the criteria to direct ride requests?

Taxis are directed according to the distance to the passenger and the taxi driver’s service quality ratings.

Does iTaksi allow to cancel the ride requests?

You can cancel your ride request before the taxi driver accepts it. After your ride request has been accepted, you should not cancel your trip while the taxi is coming to your direction. You will have the chance to cancel your ride request by entering a valid reason according to specific rules. Restrictions about this issue will be indicated by the Taxi Management Centre (TYM).

Do the camera recordings violate the privacy of passengers?

In order to ensure the safety of the passengers and the taxi drivers, image recording without sound is done in all the taxis. These recordings are encrypted within the device in the taxi and cannot be accessed by third parties. Recordings are transmitted to the security authorities only to elucidate crimes and to show evidence for judiciary cases.

How do I report lost property?

If you have lost an item in the taxi you can report lost property by calling 153.

How can I make the payment at the end of my trip on iTaksi?

At the end of your trip you can make your payment with one of the methods (cash, credit card and istanbulkart) you have chosen before hailing your taxi.

How can I make my payment with credit card on iTaksi?

Before hailing your taxi in the application, you should choose the credit card option as the payment method. If you are going to use your credit card for the first time on the application, you should first register your credit card details. At the end of your journey, your taxi driver will add your trip fare with possible additional costs to the iTaksi device. After checking the fee, all you have to do is to press the “Pay” button.

Which credit cards can I use on iTaksi?

You can make your payments on iTaksi with Visa and MasterCard cards. You can also pay via pre-paid istanbulkart.

My credit card payment was not authorized. What should I do?

You can try to make the payment by adding a new credit card or you can choose among payment methods such as istanbulkart or cash.

How can I make my payment with istanbulkart on iTaksi?

At the end of your trip, the taxi driver will enter the trip fare with possible additional costs to the iTaksi device. After checking the fee on the screen, you can make your payment by waving your istanbulkart to the device. Please do not forget to wait until your payment is complete.

Can I make my payment as a mix of cash and istanbulkart on iTaksi?

Unfortunately, you can only choose one payment option for now.

Is transfer with istanbulkart on iTaksi is possible?

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available.

Can I buy istanbulkart with iTaksi?

Unfortunately you cannot buy istanbulkart on iTaksi yet.

Can I upload funds on my istanbulkart within the taxi in iTaksi?

Unfortunately you cannot upload funds to your account with iTaksi yet.

Can I make my payment on iTaksi with all types of istanbulkart?

Yes, if you have funds available on your card you can make payment easily with all types of istanbulkart.

If I make my payment on iTaksi with discounted cards (student, +60, special tasks etc.), do I get a discount on my trip fare?

Unfortunately you cannot get a discount, all the fees on istanbulkart are charged equally.

Can I make my payment with single use tickets ?

Unfortunately you cannot make payments with single use tickets; those can be only used in public transportation vehicles related to the Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Establishments (IETT).

While making my payment with credit card, the application stopped responding and I paid with cash. How can I know whether the payment has been taken from my credit card or not?

You can get in touch with your bank. You should also inform the Taxi Management Centre about the situation and the system will check to see whether the payment has been retrieved. If the payment has been taken from your credit card, the same amount will be repaid.

While making my payment, the application stopped responding and I could not complete my payment. How can I make the payment?

You can pay with cash or through istanbulkart.

I noticed that excess payment has been taken from my account after the payment has been completed. What should I do?

Following your call, our customer service agent will check the system for the exact trip fare. If any excess amount has been retrieved from your account, your credit card will be backcharged accordingly.

Can I make a phone call to the taxi driver I am matched up with?

Once your request is accepted by the taxi driver, you can make a phone call to the taxi driver through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which hides your contact information until your taxi driver reaches the pick-up location. Phone calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.