Privacy Policy

The iTaksi Privacy Policy will help you learn what data the iTaksi system records, how it is used, and the precautions for protecting it.

  1. Stored User Data
    • Profile information (name, last name, phone number and email address)
    • The passenger’s reviews and ratings of the drivers
    • Suggestions/complaints submitted by the passenger through the application
    • Passenger mobile device information (App version, Android brand, model, Android manufacturer and timezone)

    Stored Driver and Vehicle Data
    • Driver and vehicle information is pulled from the TUHIM license database and a copy is stored
    • iTaksi device serial number and IMEI
    • iTaksi camera serial number
    • Location data of the vehicle
    • Suggestions/complaint information submitted through the device

    Stored Trip Information
    • iTaksi stores the data collected by the device mounted in the vehicles, through the system. The data package contains all data relevant to the trips.
    • The information flow between the passenger application and the driver device application is stored through the system.

    Location Information
    • iTaksi can collect user location information.
    • iTaksi can use other data collection methods determined by iTaksi to implement location information.
    • iTaksi reserves the right to process relevant data with your location information to improve service quality.

    Video Images

    Per the regulation released by the Security General Directorate dated 16.02.2017, numbered 35662, video recordings are saved, without sound.

  2. Use of Information
    • iTaksi utilizes the information is collects towards: identity verification (using a confirmation code), providing communication between the driver and the passenger, enabling trips, as well as the safe and efficient operation of the system.
    • Once registered to the iTaksi system, the user is assumed to accept the terms on the iTaksi membership agreement.
    • Upon the agreement to the iTaksi membership Agreement, the user

  3. Information Privacy and Personal Information Sharing
    • iTaksi is obligated to protect information
    • iTaksi accepts to abide by the national and international standards for storing and protecting data
    • iTaksi stores the data it collects, legal requirements and certificate requirements in secure servers, for the legal duration.
    • iTaksi, ordered by authorities within the scope of judicial and legal requirements (such as accidents), will not share personal data with third parties.

  4. iTaksi reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms on the Privacy Policy, provided that changes are notified.